Posted by: Postordinandy | May 30, 2012


I demand some time for me,

Life here is too hard

The grass greener over there

let me, set me free!


I receive my inheritance

turn and go

no look over my shoulder

focused on the freedom of the horizon.


And life is good.

Different, if not easier

free from the burdens of sonship

I can breath again.



I wake soiled

sullen, empty, lost

realisation breaks over like a dam

even the servants in my Father’s house…



I turn

Painfully willing myself home

my apology fully rehearsed

my shame a dirty rag.


He comes

Not with vengeance but joy

Arms enfold me, suffocate me

accepting me as His own.


Abjectly I start my speech

but am cut off by love

celebration, even in my filth

peace the reward for return.


Back to the house

Back to the walls

we stand together, Father and I

searching for those yet to return. 



(there is a fantastic painting around this theme here)


  1. i love your poetry it is heart hurtingly real. Cheers.

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