Posted by: Postordinandy | May 31, 2012

Psalm 40

I wish I was better at waiting patiently for God to act – for myself and for others.

Psalm 40 is one of those that has filtered through to popular conciousness, not least of all because U2 did a fantastic version of it way back when Bono had more mullet than millions.

The waiting is hard, patience is harder, and we don’t always recognise either the rescuer or the method of rescue at the time.

I had a picture of someone caught in quicksand. Up to their neck, the fight had gone out of them, as had the energy or belief needed to cry for help. It felt like they had been there for some significant time.


Their had was raised – not much, not with expectation, almost out of habit or simply that they had forgotten it was there.

I saw God’s hand reaching down. Ready to grasp and pull the hand that is no longer consciously offered, ready to set them once again on solid ground.

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