Posted by: Postordinandy | July 12, 2012

I sought the voice of God

I sought the voice of God in the usual places…

I caught brief glimpses of His shadow,
As She passed, and played, and beamed;
Captivated by his children,
Delighted by their joy,
Amused at their half-formed certainty,
Tolerant of their tantrums.

I listened to the harmony of collaborated voices,
Singing of Her wonder and love.
He was there, but I could not hear Her distinctly.

I wrestled with the theological, sociological and sometimes scatological arguments of the sermon.
I caught hold of Her robe, but not His voice.

I played with, and stayed with, and prayed with her gathered people.
He joined in, and sat, and affirmed, but in whispers too quiet for this human ear.

I read stories and commentaries and poems and into things.
I saw His footprints, and sometimes my own, but only the faintest outline of Her words.

I surfed the web, I walked the streets, I ran the gauntlet.
But mostly what I heard was other people’s questions, and the sound of my own breathing.

And then, distracted by the mundane
waiting for some pasta to cook,

watching hailstones attempt to break windows,

thinking only of the shape of boiling water and the rhythm of weather

He spoke to me,

a gentle, soothing vocal touch,

the words unimportant,

the caress lingering.


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