Posted by: Postordinandy | August 22, 2012


The grass looks greener on the other side

But much of it has withered and died…


We imagine,

standing in our garden so tired,

that over the fence lies true beauty and freedom.


Not there, the shackles of familiarity,

of routine and disappointment.


The grass grows wild and free,

nurtured by a different kind of love,

encouraged to explore.


We see our lawn

once so carefully manicured and lovingly strimmed.

The neat edges a little ragged now,

where carelessness has neglected and

impatience procrastinated.

The flowerbeds are so neat and predictable,

we miss the wildness of planting and design.


Over the fence, opportunity.

a fresh start, a new day.



Over the fence there is simply a different garden.

Different work needed,

different energies required.



Once over the same fence.

We may, in time, stand and look back…

and notice how much greener it looks.


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