Posted by: Postordinandy | September 3, 2012

I Had A Black Dog: buy this book…

… if you suffer, or know anyone who suffers from, depression or related mental health illnesses.

It is, simply put, a work of genius.


It was recommended to me recently by a friend who has wrestled with this stuff in the past, and knew of my own struggles. It is very readable – coming as it does in almost 100% cartoon form, and not having loads of pages or technical jargon to wade through. I’ve not yet tested this, but I’m pretty sure it is ‘safe’ enough and simple enough to understand that fairly young children would find it helpful if they have family members who are sufferers.

And, like all of the best books out there trying to help those who are affected by depression, it neither ends up using depression as an excuse for bad behaviour, nor condemns the individual as someone who simply needs to ‘try harder’ or pull their socks up.

It includes some of the simple self-help stuff that is so often easy to understand but sometimes oh-so-hard to enact, and ends on as positive a note as a book on this subject can.

Buy it.


Show it to everyone affected by depression. Make the world a happier place.

Amazon will even let you look inside at the moment.


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