Posted by: Postordinandy | November 26, 2012

The Trinity in the Chaos

In the formless,


Reaching for each other

the creator moulds and shapes.


Blending and bleeding,

freeing and exploding,

the god-head dances.


Look closely,

though your eyes are yet unimagined.


Where there was nothing,

profound substance.

Where only suggestion of shape,



Embracing and releasing,

swaying and switching

the god-head dances.


Listen carefully,

though your ears have yet no drum to beat.


Where there was silence,

beautiful cacophony.

Pitch and tone combining

the first symphony.


Conducting and joining,

laughing and joyous,

the god-head dances.


It is contagious,

the embrace extended,

the created encouraged to participate

to dance with the god-head.

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