Posted by: Postordinandy | December 3, 2012

Advent 2: All In Good Time


It’s the waiting that kills you.

Suffocating your hope,
Doubt squeezes the last milligram of trust from your mind, heart and soul.

The promises are tested, then.
Through a lens of questions,
A filter of false memories,
A haze of fear…

Did you hear it right?
Or were you distracted by your own dreams,
Cloaking the words with your own interpretation,
Rejecting that which was unpalatable.

Or, harder to discern,
Did you interpret the information falsely?
Seeing patterns and flows unimagined.
Drawing conclusions in an only half-digested fog.

Because, surely, the time had come?
The wait must be over,
Recovery long over-due?

Listening softly,
Dampening our petulant questions,
We can hear the whisper:
All in good time, my child.
All in good time.


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