Posted by: Postordinandy | January 7, 2013

A week in…

A week in to the New Year.


Time enough for the post-alcohol enthusiasm to have dipped,

For resolutions to be modified, abandoned or re-made,

For life to return to its usual business and busy-ness.


What were your hopes and dreams last week?

Did you stop and reflect on the passing year,

Or focus on the new one approaching?


Could you celebrate the past, and hope for the future,

Or were you one in the crowd,

hiding from regret and too fearful to glance forward?


Are you defined by who you have been,

who you were, who you never may be?


Carpe not merely diem!

Cape tuum tota vita instead.


Step forth with a boldness you do not feel,

Embrace others you shy from

Be true to yourself,

(Just be aware that you are ever evolving)

Sing as if everyone is listening, but what do they matter?


A week in,

A year in…

your future is informed by your past journeys,

but not a prisoner of the same.


Grace, too,

walks with you.

Her steps will guide you,

if you choose to allow.


She only sees the future,

and it is everything you dare not hope for.




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