Posted by: Postordinandy | July 23, 2013

I am because You are I AM

I am not who you say I am.

For this I remain grateful, if occasionally shocked.

I am neither your experience of,

Nor your assumptions of me at my worst or my best.

I am unable to be compliant to your caricatures of me.

That monster? That angel?

Both are fleetingly within my remit,

but neither bear any permanent resemblance to the real me.

I have no obligation to fix the flaws you perceive,

and no right to bask in the glory of your admiration.

I am not who I think I am.

Wait… what?

I am neither as gifted as I hope,

or as damaged as I fear.

The wounds I carry may leave deep scars,

but they do not define me.

The most magnificent of my accomplishments

may shine brightly, but remain dust on the wind.

I am not king of the world,

or trapped in the cell of failure.

I am who I AM knows I am.

Although I remain in persistent denial,

I have seen dull sketches of this reality.

Far from the completed masterpiece

I remain nonetheless one of His proudest achievements.

He sees the statue inside the rock, begging for release,

the colours as yet unpainted on the canvas,

the chord waiting to be struck.

The work will be completed, in time,

I remain loved.



  1. “i have no obligation to fix the flaws you perceive” – great! – do you think you could also put together some lines also for a bigger piece? at my parish in hamburg we have been performing john stainer’s “the crucifixion” each year and i feel that i should compose a new piece for passiontide – if only i could find someone to provide texts which are not cheesy! perhaps you’d like to email me and we could talk about it?

  2. Andy, I really liked this and resonate deeply with it, thank you. N x

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