Posted by: Postordinandy | July 6, 2014

Paragraph Planet

If you haven’t discovered this fantastic website yet, do wander over when you have a chance.

The idea is simple – create a short story, including the title, using only 75 words. It’s easier than it maybe instinctively feels, but of course it forces you to cut the usual waffle and nonsense that writers are tempted to use as filler.

I have been fortunate enough to have 3 stories submitted so far – give it a go and see what happens!


“It’s a tough undead life”

Being a vegetarian zombie is not easy… the
craving for brains remains, and I was raised
(when alive) to only take what I actually would
eat, so ripping limbs from victims would be
considered bad form. Lurching through fields,
muttering ‘Carrots!’ feels a little silly as
well. There are some benefits though – I have
been able to secure a job at the bank, where
everyone seems a little like me.


“Miss Kitty”

She told me the cat modelling business has become
cutthroat in recent years. The pressure (for queens
especially) to conform to models of beauty set for them
by industry standards such as ‘LOLcats’ or ‘I can haz
Cheezburger?’ is significant. Kittens as young as 2 weeks
old have been signed by agencies, cats of all ages are
eating only ‘lo-cal’ Sheeba, and rumours are rife about
cosmetic surgery options such as the infamous ‘Whisker Tuck’.



Breathe in, then out – listen past the noise of the traffic, the soundscape of
busy-ness, the impatience of your own mind. Breathe in, then out – notice the
consistent, unconscious behaviour of your body; concentrate on the volume of
air passing through your being, gifting you the next moments of life, Breathe
in, then out – this is a time you will not have again, unique to you. Breathe
in, then out – and repeat.


  1. […] While I was on holiday, I had another (very) short story published on Paragraph Planet . You should really pop over there, read some of the archived stories, and give it a go yourself 🙂 . “Why, What, How?” . Why is the sky blue, daddy? What sounds exactly like cherries? How do spacemen have a wee when he is in space? Why do insects not drive cars like us, daddy? What is the capital of the moon? How does electricity work? Why can’t I have a motorbike like Uncle Lee? What are we going to do now? How do you do that thing? Why isn’t custard blue, daddy? What is heavier, dust or space? How much is too much? Why does? What is? How come? . (Sigh) . Google it, son. . . . . (for my other attempts, see here) […]

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