Posted by: Postordinandy | July 21, 2014

In search of…


Ever sought after,

Always just outside our flailing grasp.

Conflict, individual to global,

Everyone affected in subtle and powerful ways.


Personal culpability conveniently ignored,

Exhausted, too tired to love,

Another word/stone/missile is thrown:

Caught in relationships moulded in retribution,

Exhibiting only blame and unwilling to offer forgiveness.


Pageboys at the wedding of destruction and hopelessness,

Eager to be absolved of our supporting role,

Apathy collides with confused inaction.

Creeping back to our places of sanctuary,

Evading the desperate stares of the injured and broken.


Perhaps, one distant day,

Each will unclench fists,

And minds too, will embrace.

Captivated by the beauty in the other,

Ending the criminal absence of Shalom.



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