Posted by: Postordinandy | September 26, 2014


Everything comes from you…

Cleared and planted and tended and weeded and watered…

Growing discretely undersoil


Proudly displayed

On runners and shoots…

Life flows and grows and shows.

Everything comes from you…

The Lord of the Harvest,

Ever more patient than the ages,

Prepares the territory.

Turns desert into oasis,

Hope-less wasteland

Into gloriously



Sends life-sustaining heat and light

From a distant star,


Refreshing water,

Recycled from mountain streams, crystal lakes and oceans.

The very soil in which each plant rests,

Offers security


And food for the developing seed.

Everything comes from you…

The crop offers more than a simple future yield of nutrients:

There is beauty in the swaying colours of the leaves,

As they defiantly refuse to accept gravity’s pull.

There is shelter for insects and mice,

A playground for inquisitive children.

Even a place for those we consider pests and weeds.

Everything comes from you…

And we,

Pulled from our own messy soil,

Risen to bless others with our own lives

We celebrate the bounty of your provision,

Thankful that,

Even when we lack gratitude,

You provide for our needs,


Ask us to be fruitful.

Everything comes from you.

All we ever do

Is give from the life you first gave us.”


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