Posted by: Postordinandy | October 10, 2014

They Walk Among You

They walk among you:

Silently wrestling inner demons as they order their cappuccino,

Buffeted by internal tsunami of anxiety, exhaustion or nausea,

Scarred by their own hand, scared of their own mind,

Nervously keeping an eye on those keeping an eye on them,

Sleeping too much,

Resigned to the idea of sleep being an unreachable utopia,

Unable to look into an undistorted mirror,

Tormented by inner demons who whisper about their worthlessness.


They walk among you:

With the aid of medicinal cast and crutch,

With strength unmeasurable,

With shame and resignation,

With pride and resolve.

Determined to keep the Black Dog on a leash,

To continue to love others even when they struggle to love self,

To take the next step, and the next,

No matter how hard the effort and minuscule the gain.


We walk among you:

Nine out of ten prisoners,

One in five under 15 year olds,

Two in five of those in retirement accommodation,

More women than men, mostly.


You walk among them:

Those who appear untouched by mental fragility,

Who may be wearing a multitude of masks,

Hiding their own doubt, struggle and fears.


We walk amongst ourselves:

We remain ‘other’,

Only if we determine to clothe ourselves in denial,

And fail to extend the hands of friendship, trust and love.


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