Posted by: Postordinandy | October 16, 2014

John 18 (pt 5)

The Chosen People,

so dramatically freed from the bondage in years past,

And led faithfully by their God to the Land long promised,

Now choose one to enslave, ‘for the benefit of the future’

And, bound in chains donated by their own masters,

Lead him towards his Fathers’ children to be judged.

Nepotistic negotiations and best intentions,

Cries of ‘for the good of the people’,

Murder will be committed in holy name,

And hands washed in bold declamation,

As the lamb offers himself as a sacrifice,

Loving, even hands that beat and minds that twist truth to their own gain.


“Then the detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials arrested Jesus. They bound him and brought him first to Annas, who was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest that year. Caiaphas was the one who had advised the Jewish leaders that it would be good if one man died for the people.” [John 18:12-14]

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