Posted by: Postordinandy | October 31, 2014

The devil in the details

The devil is in the details, so they say.

And some panic at the implications of plastic pitchforks,

Grinning ghouls and petrifying pumpkins…

Worried that we celebrate the triumph of evil over good,

Of disobedience before godliness,

Embracing the darkness rather than basking in glorious light.

But do we not weaken our God this way?

Are we not operating as if He is defeated by these trinkets of terror,

So willing to suggest that the maker and creator of all power,

Is unable to see the child beneath the bed-sheet ghost,

And instead cowers before the demand for candy –

Lest tricks be played in heavens’ realm.

There is evil in this world…

But while we rich are able to miss the invisible poor,

For as long as we see the other and shudder,

Tightening our grip on our possessions,

And turning our backs on others need –

The onslaught of satanic machinations is ours to direct and control.

The devil draws detailed plans of division and distrust,

Distracting us by sleight of hand,

Helping us, complicit, to walk casting our own shadows,

Timidly carrying our brittle lanterns,

Blindly shouting at the darkness we perceive in others.

The devil is in the details, so they say…

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