Posted by: Postordinandy | May 7, 2015

I wanna be elected!

Vote for me, vote for us,

(Just don’t vote for those others!)

Vote for hope or hangman’s rope,

Or protecting homeless mothers.


Vote for us – we’ll protect you

From the starving heathen hordes,

(At least we might get around to it

Once we’ve paid of all our Lords).


Vote for transparency, vote for truth,

Vote for a new moral majority,

Vote for us to gain the power, but

Remember it’s you who has authority.


Vote for policies, not personalities

Vote for what we promise you we’ll do,

Vote believing we can do it,

And then hope we follow through.


Vote for us, and remember,

You participate not in a game.

For the government we get will be,

The one we later blame.


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