Posted by: Postordinandy | May 11, 2015

Waiting for, working for justice

This was written as participation in the “Lament, pray, create, and give” event organised by Richard Passmore on Facebook as a response to the fears that some have post UK election 2015.


The mighty river that seems dammed behind bureaucracy
and damned by calloused hearts,
Will yet flow, unstoppable, through our streets and lives.
The darkness can never swallow the light:
Though our eyes are drawn to the shadows,
There will always be bright rays shining through the walls of despair,
And we are each called to walk in the ways of hope,
Never tiring to lift those who are unable to carry themselves,
Never trapped by the shackles of fear,
Never beaten by the tools of the totalitarian,
Exhausted, but spurring each other on,
Hungry, but offering from our meagre store cupboards,
Trusting in the flow of the river,
And in the Source of all things.

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