Posted by: Postordinandy | August 18, 2015


Charlie Johnson and I mulched together a game today while at a youth work session. It was pretty enjoyable, so I thought I’d share it.

Items needed to play:

A minimum of 2 players and no maximum number (although we suggest that more than 10 will result in complete chaos)

One ball – preferably a basketball or football.

2 basketball hoops, ideally with back board.

The basic rules:

Fastketball is played in a basketball court, players take it in turn to shoot for the hoop from where they stopped it moving.

Once the player has the ball in hand, they are not allowed to move in any direction, but must shoot from where they stand.

Basic scoring system:

Each player begins the game with 5 points – 1 points is lost if they miss the hoop or backboard with their shot, 1 point is gained for each successful basket.

Any player who ends up with zero points is out of the game, the game ends when one player reaches 10 points.


Additional playing rules:

Kick-off one player stands on the three-point line to start the game. This player is not awarded any points for a successful basket, but does lose a point if they miss the hoop or board.

Boundaries – There are few! If the ball is gathered behind the board, the player must shoot from there (however, it is legal to hit the back of the board).

However, if the ball leaves the agreed playing area (over the fence, etc.) they the player who last shot the ball loses 2 points and the next person due to play performs a Restart (see below).

FoulsFastketball is, theoretically, a non-contact sport – so any player pushing over, kicking or otherwise fouling another will also concede a free kick and lose a point. Players will also lose a point if they are deemed to have deliberately blocked the travel of a ball – in this case a Restart will be taken by the next player due to participate.

The player fouled can take a shot from the three-point line, and baskets are scored if successful.

Restart option – if a player has missed the target, the following player has the choice to play the ball from where they gather it (in which case the player who missed loses a point as usual) or take a restart from the three-point line (in which case the preceding player does not lose a point). Points cannot be scored from a restart.

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