Posted by: Postordinandy | July 8, 2016

The world is weeping…

The world is weeping.

She watches mute as her children tear each other apart.


Black men afraid to be stopped by police,

41 shots no longer unusual

Police afraid to be in public, ‘lest sniper fire burns them.

Countries turn their back on allies,

And step into the unprepared unknowable.

Bombs, and bullets, and bricks, and barriers fly,

Kids in the street are blown to pieces while playing football,

Doctors lose their lives as they fight to save others,


Suspicion of the other drives greater distance than geography,

Casual racism pushes hope to the margins,

And fear, claws sharpened, points at ‘them’ and whispers:

they have come for your jobs, your children, your lives…


We each have 206 bones in our frail bodies,

The minute data held in our 23 pairs of chromosomes is all that differs,

Skin colour is just pigment,

Height and weight and strength and talent should not divide.


Culture is the water we swim in,

And we praise and protect our little slow-flowing streams,

Never realising they are connected to beautiful oceans.


Our lives are dots on the great map of history,

Brief moments of captured time,

That flicker on and off as if fairy lights,

Leaving faint echoes for a while, perhaps,

But not as significant as we might imagine or hope.


The time has come for us to raise up our arms,

Not in aggression or anger,

Not even in protest,

No, the time has come to raise our hands in action,

And in peace.

To actively resist fear and hatred,

To restore the possibility of hope and togetherness.


“If you believe in Peace,

Time to go to work.

Can’t be waving your head no more.

Go to work.”


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