Posted by: Postordinandy | September 21, 2017


[I wrote this about the story of the Woman caught in the act of adultery – I am always struck by the absence of her partner-in-crime, and by Jesus’ treatment of both her and the crowd who would condemn her]


Dragged from a lover’s embrace I was

and into the bitter fury of the mob –

they who hoped my sin would mask their own,

their eyes full of jealous zeal,

with hearts broken like my own, if only they would admit so.


My nakedness shamed me more

than the stones of shouted accusation thrown –

my skin still warm from his greedy touch,

my lips still tasting his kiss,

yet do I catch glimpse of his form in the crowd now?


Propelled through walls of angry flesh

until I collapsed at His feet –

too tired now, too disorientated

to fully realise where, or whom I now was,

Straining with the crowd to hear His thoughts proclaimed.


The Law declared, justice demanded,

yet he stoops to the ground, and –

our eyes locked on each other,

he sketches awhile in the sand,

and then calmly asks them to begin.


But a caveat offered, a challenge laid,

“he without sin” invited to take pride of place –

the men, some ashamed, some confused,

wrestle with their inner demons,

until I am left, still crumpled into myself, alone.


Forgiven, and given, and given…

I understand now, the depth of this act –

A cloak is found for my now shivering form,

water for my lips, shoes for my feet,

and I will try to sin no more.


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