Who is postordinandy?

I live in Walthamstow, East London.

I have been a youth worker, church leader, educator and general agitator for most of my life. I am presently Chaplain for an Academy in North London (all views expressed my own, etc).

I have worked for both individual and networks of churches (mostly, but not exclusively CofE), had an experimental role with Crusaders (now Urban Saints) back in the day, was the Interim Branch Director for Worth Unlimited for Waltham Forest, taught and helped on both the Oasis College and Centre for Youth Ministry Youth Work and Ministry Degrees, worked for ‘St Luke’s in the High Street’ for 5 years, and trained to become an ‘Ordained Pioneer Minister‘ within the Church of England, (see this post for an explanation of why this is no longer the case). I did complete the academic course though, and am now a paid up member of the 3 degrees…

I am instinctively a pioneer – and certainly have ‘the gift of not fitting in’ as Jonny Baker reflects on – although sometimes it feels like I don’t fit in with other pioneers either ;-(

I have 3 beautiful, crazy, lovely and smashing daughters. They are often the thing in my life that bursts a grumpy cloud – although they have been known to cause one too!

I’m interested in a few things, sometimes at the same time. I love music, and publish a Song Of The Day, most days, here – it’s a pretty eclectic thing, although Bruce Springsteen does pop up a bit…

I believe that the call of the church is to live in such a way that others can see a glimpse of the here-but-not-yet Kingdom of God, and that entering that Kingdom is measured in relationship – rather than attendance to a meeting (although this is not ruled out as part of the overall deal).

This blog was initially created in order to give me space to reflect on theological & ordination training, alongside general thoughts and experiences about Pioneer Ministry and emerging church/ Fresh Expressions stuff, but has morphed into wider stuff about life.

I also have another (empty, mostly) blog, very much a work in progress, hopefuture, which I hope will be a training resource for those looking to re-imagine their present and future. Please contact me via comments if you would like to know more about the various training I can offer you as an individual or as an organisation.



  1. Hi Andy,

    Have a couple of short pieces to send you. I believe it’s about the lay people! Please send me your email address and I will send you!

    Take heart. The plan is still in place.


  2. Hi Andy – from one oddity to another! “Ordained entrepreneur” is my tag – moving the needle in the world, needled by the church 😉 “I’ve been stumbling in the dark for years / And the light just made me blind”

  3. Would love to chat off-line about our shared experience of being rejected by the institutional church

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