Posted by: Postordinandy | December 15, 2012

Advent 14: Good News shared…

An imagined conversation, based very loosely on Luke 1:39-45

 “I have impossible news!”

Me to!”

You first!”

No, you!!”

I’m to be a mother!”

But that’s the same as my news!!”


It’s true… an angel (I know, crazy or what?) came to me a week or so ago. At first I was really scared, but he calmed me down quite quickly. It’s odd really, how someone so beautiful and terrifying can bring such peace just by saying ‘fear not’. Anyway, I don’t really know why, and I have no understanding of how, but I am with child. He is God’s only son.”


What just happened?”

The baby, he kicked – here feel for yourself… Mary, you are truly the most blessed among all women, and your child will also be blessed and bless all others.”

Elizabeth – thank you. My, he is good and strong in there! Surely he will be a mighty man one day.”

Mary – I believe you about the angel. Something strange happened to Zechariah just before I became pregnant – he was serving in temple and came out unable to speak. He’s not said a word since, but something tells me it is connected with our baby. I’m so old, Mary. I had given up completely on having children. I thought we must have done something terrible for the Lord to send us so much shame, but now it feels as if He was saving us for something special.”

I’m sure you are right, Elizabeth. Look at us! One too young and unmarried, the other too old to hope. I wonder if the babies will get on okay…”


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